What a day!

Play, Sleep, Eat in varying amounts throughout the day. Fergus has been really well behaved we even managed to get some jobs done. But by the end of the day the poor little fella was just ready to collapse into bed before another busy day tomorrow.

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Our pretty boy

A couple of of pictures just to show how beautiful and cute Fergus is…

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11am nap time…



We seem to be settling into a little routine of an hours play followed by an hours power nap… cute.

Thankfully he seems quite at home in his crate, with his own special bean bag instead of mine!

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First morning

7.30… Fergus was just waking up as I got down to him. Straight outside to the loo then back inside for play time. He’s learnt how to move his ball but also has learnt that his ball is no use for pouncing practice as it scuttles away when you land on it.

Breakfast and a little more play and he was fast asleep again by 9am. Back to bed for an hour myself I think…

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Dry night!

I am so utterly amazed that a puppy this young can manage a dry night at its very first attempt! He took about an hour to settle last night, all alone for the first time in his life, but then went out like a light.

At 3am I crept down to check on him. His paper was bone dry and he was fast asleep. It seemed so cruel waking him and taking him out into the cooler night. Luckily he went to the loo straight away and I tucked him back up in bed where he seems to have remained quite happily until 7.30 this morning…

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Too much excitement…


After an exciting afternoon and plenty of exploring, Fergus has laid claim to my giant beanbag! Typical since he has a lovely big one if his own.

Anyhow seems like he is settling in nicely. He has ‘christened’ the garden and left his mark and licked or chewed every possible surface in all the rooms he has access to… attaboy!

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Twelve thirty five…

We’ve had the phone call and we’re on our way! In under an hour Fergus should be ours.

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